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Rebel Salute wows Second generation Jamaicans from Texas

Kamione-and-Breonna-Chambers-600x400-- Kameon & Bre'onna Chambers enjoy a performance at Rebel Salute daybreak on Sunday.
Rebel Salute proved to be a most enthralling, rich, cultural affair for third generation Jamaicans,  Kameon Chambers and his sister Brianna, so much so that the duo is not only already planning for the 2020 show, but urging their friends back in the US to attend.

The two natives of Dallas, Texas who stayed in Lucea during their trip, were on what could be described a five day whirlwind vacation which took them to numerous attractions, local eateries, beaches and other places of interest in western Jamaica.   For them, their first ever trip ever, to the land of their foreparents, has been surreal, and they have fallen deeply in love with the island and its people.    

But it was Rebel Salute that was the proverbial icing on the cake for them.  The energy, the camaraderie, the gentleness of the artistes towards their fans, the acceptance and the mellowness and the love of thousands of Jamaicans displayed all in one setting, was what, for them exemplified the beauty of the island and the true nature of its people.

“I had an amazing time at Rebel Salute.   I was thankful that I got to meet a lot of the artistes.   I really enjoyed especially being up close and personal with the artistes.  Their demeanour was very laid back and they didn’t mind taking pictures with fans and they just enjoyed people coming up to them speaking to them and wanting to take pictures with them versus back in the US, where you can’t get close to the artistes like that due to standoffishness and their security too,” Brianna told Access Jamaica.

“Nobody was pushing, shoving; no fighting.  We were out there for 12, 13 hours nothing but  good vibes all night and I enjoyed that,” the youngster added.

Brianna who has now become a huge Yellowman fan after seeing his performance on Night Two of the festival, says she is already planning her trip for next year.  She has even made herself into an official ambassador for the island and the festival which she promoted to her friends and family back in the US, sending to them giving them same-time descriptions, videos and photos during her time at the festival. 

“I am showing them videos, telling them they have to travel with us next time.  They are already planning trips,” she said with a huge smile on her face.

For her brother Kameon, he loved what he described as “the energy” of the festival as well as the different types of food.

“I was expecting hype energy and that is what I got.  Good vibes.  In the US it (behaviour at shows) is more hectic.  Here everybody was just chill and mellow.  There was nobody pushing each other.  I thought the fans would be more hectic than in the US, but they were calm here.  I definitely prefer the calm.  I am coming back again next year,” he said.

“It is my first time to Jamaica and I really enjoyed the show.  I enjoyed the second day better than the first day, with artistes such as Bobby Wine (from Uganda) because he had an important message; I really enjoyed Ken Boothe’s performance as well as Yellowman who was really hype and Louie Culture,” he told Access Jamaica.

 Photo Caption: 
 Brianna examines some rolled chocolate at the Seven Rivers Booth at Rebel Salute on Saturday night.
Breonna examines some rolled chocolate 600x400
Source: Claudia Gardner, Staff Writer

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