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Kingston 10, St. Andrew, Jamaica
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The Jamaica Information Services’ (JIS) Public Relations and Marketing Department is one of the most dynamic PR & Marketing facilities within the Public Sector. The Department conceptualizes and executes public education campaigns and advertising programmes aimed at promoting a better understanding of the Government’s policies and programmes. The Department also provides services to non-governmental organizations including corporate entities and international agencies.

The department is referred to as the “engine” of the JIS, because it is uniquely positioned to drive output across all the production departments, including Radio, TV, Photo, Publications and Computer Services.

Kingston 5, , Jamaica
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Radio broadcasting began in 1939. The first station, VP5PZ, was made possible through the use of the equipment of a local 'ham' operator named John Grinan, who, in compliance with wartime regulations, handed his equipment over to the Government.

Mr. Grinan succeeded in convincing the Government to use his equipment to operate a public broadcasting station; and the amateur equipment was adapted to the demands of broadcasting, and regular scheduled broadcasts began on November 17, 1939, using Mr. Grinads call-sign, VP5PZ.

Initially, there was one broadcast per week, lasting one hour from Mr. Grinan's home at 2 Seaview Avenue, St Andrew; but after May 1, 1940, a small staff was employed and daily broadcasts began on June 3, 1940.

Kingston 10, , Jamaica
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CVM Television Limited (CVM TV) was incorporated in Jamaica on July 31, 1990 and was granted a licence to operate in March, 1991. CVM TV began providing commercial television services in March, 1993 the second of its kind in Jamaica.

The Company enjoys forty-nine percent (49%) share of the market, broadcasting a full twenty-four(24) hours of planned programming each day and operates under a Licence from the Broadcasting Commission.

CVM TV offers a variety of attractive and competitive services to its advertisers and viewers and strives to improve on its productivity, efficiency and effectiveness of services to the public. 


JamVision TV

Kingston, St. Andrew, Jamaica
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Our new cable station, JamVision presents the stories & experiences of the Jamaican people, our struggles, achievements, history and culture.

Our passion is to nurture Jamaicans’ pride and self-confidence, our vision is a united people.

JamVision celebrates who we are, and encourages and promotes our collective commitment to building a great nation!

JamVision airs on both FLOW and DigicelPlay, as well as online via the CPTC Website.



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