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Dr. H. Anthony Vendryes is a graduate of the University of the West Indies and the Royal College of Anaesthetists of England. He worked as a specialist in anaesthesia and intensive care. Following his conventional medical training, Dr. Vendryes studies hypnosis, mind/body medicine, nutritional and herbal medicine, Yoga and other Eastern approaches to healing.

Dr Vendryes has been engaged in transforming his medical practice to holistic and integrative medicine which combines both conventional and alternative based modalities. He employs an approach to health care that highlights the intimate relationship that exists between mind, body and spirit and the need to address the whole person not just his or her symptoms.

His focus is on health and disease prevention rather than on illness. His vast experience and knowledge allow him to help anyone who comes for treatment and he challenges his clients to take responsibility for their health and acts as mentor and coach in helping them to achieve optimal wellness.

Dr Vendryes writes for a number of local newspapers, including his weekly column on “An Ounce of Prevention” in the Daily Gleaner. He has been heard on Radio every Friday evening at 8:30pm on Power 106 FM, Jamaica.