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Courier Services

Send packages conveniently between our terminals in 10 cities and towns.    Our courier counters are open to receive and deliver packages 7 days per week (Christmas Day being the only exception).

Terms & conditions: The contents of each package will be inspected, please do not seal. We do not transport cash, jewellery, hazardous items (fuel, chemicals, gas, etc), frozen foods.  Consignee must present courier bill number and national/business ID on collection.  

Packages travel on next available space.   Our liability is limited to J$6,000 per shipment or $500 per lb, whichever is greater.

Mairtrans International Logistics Limited

Shipping & Logistics Consultants

Kingston, St. Andrew, Jamaica
876-948 - 0337
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Our Company

MAIRTRANS International Logistics Limited is a Jamaican owned logistic specialist company, formed in 2003. Mairtrans offers logistics services throughout the Caribbean through our network of affiliates, sub-contracted service providers for warehousing and managing large projects and dedicated in-house team.

As a niche provider, we have a solid relationship with the third largest logistics provider (domiciled in the U.S.A.) in the world and continue to build our linkages to other major international hubs in Canada, Europe and the Far East.

MAIRTRANS is a member of the Customs Brokers and Freight Forwarders Association of Jamaica (CBFFAJ), and the Shipping Association of Jamaica, the Caribbean Shipping Association.