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The Top 5 reasons for Jamaicans to Staycation

Jackies-on-the-reef1 Jackie's on the Reef, West End Negril, Jamaica

Photo Caption: Jackie's on the Reef, West End, Negril, Jamaica.

In August 2018 whilst the Jamaican Parliament was on recess, the island's Tourism Minister, Edmund Bartlett and his wife, Carmen, decided to embark on a Staycation, to encourage more Jamaicans to become "Staycationers" - which is essentially a fancy term for domestic tourists, or persons who vacation within their own country.

The trip led him to various places of interest across the island, where he reviewed the various tourism products including hotels and attractions, as part of what he said was "a re-familiarization tour" to test our tourism products and offerings.

"It is critical that as Tourism Minister, I have first-hand knowledge of what destination Jamaica has to offer with a view to ensuring that what we advertise is what we are indeed offering… It is also a way to remind Jamaicans that vacationing at home is also a viable option that will allow them to truly appreciate what millions oversees travel to experience yearly," the Minister said at the time.

Indeed, vacations are important for alleviating work-related stress, and promoting general well-being.All working Jamaicans are, under the law, entitled to annual vacation days. However, while the island's more affluent residents, at times opt to travel overseas for vacations, the less affluent stay home, bored stiff, as they are unaware that they too can take advantage of the island's accommodations and attractions, which are the very things tourists save towards for years, to travel to the island to experience.

Oftentimes, it is only after many Jamaicans migrate to foreign lands and return home for vacations that they get to travel across the island and stay in luxury hotels and visit attractions and truly appreciate the beauty of the country.

Nevertheless, without realising it, many of us have been 'staycationing' from as far back as our childhood days, when we travelled from urban areas to the "country" to "spend holidays" and vice-versa.Let us look at five advantages of Staycationing.

Advantages of Staycationing

1.Lower Cost - Because the destination for the Staycation is being nearer, and land transport being usually used, the cost of trips is lower, "as the barrier represented by air or sea fare, is reduced.

2.Staycationing is also a way of getting to know your own island. Similarly to island-hopping, a common practice in the Eastern Caribbean, Jamaicans can go "parish hopping", by going across the island, stopping in each parish, whether to overnight if budget and time allows, or visiting the attractions.

3.The options for accommodations for Staycationers in Jamaica are wide and varied. Accommodation ranges from guest houses, boutique hotels, apartments and villas to all inclusive hotels. For those vacationing on a smaller budget, there is always the option of staying with relatives or friends thus cutting accommodation costs, and then venturing out to visit beaches and attractions or other places of interest.

4.Contribution to the Economy - By Staycationing, you contribute to the local economy as your dollars are being spent in your own country.

5.Familiarity - In contrast to travelling overseas, the advantage is that you already know your destination, its language, laws, about its climate, our cultures and norms, which guarantees peace of mind. You are not too far from home, and in case of emergencies can get back home rapidly, without having to take into concerns such as flight availability and additional costs.

So remember, despite your income bracket, you can Staycation. You do not have to be rich to Staycation. Try it and Make it Jamaica, again and again!

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